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From: David Bailey
Date: 01-27-2011 10:42:13 am

Subject: The New Disney Dream Arrives in Port Canaveral

Message: Click here to see the whole story with images

Two days before our departure on the Panama Cruise and the Disney Wonder's last embarkation from Florida, the brand new Disney Dream arrived in Port Canaveral. This third ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet offers more features than ever offered on a Disney Cruise ship. Some of the obvious features are the Water Coaster that runs back and forth on the top deck and more spacious decks. More dining experiences and high tech cabin experiences are also to be found.

One of the things I am anxious to see is the portals on the inside cabin. Since the beginning of cruise history, the inside cabin appears dark and it is very easy to loose track of time. The new Disney Dream inside cabins are equipped with portals that will show what is on the correct side of the ship. As an added bonus, Popular Disney characters will appear from time to time at your portal and pass by or look in your cabin.

The stats on this much larger ship can be found throughout the Internet. This page is added to show some of the pictures I took as we passed here in the ship channel. There was an announcement that there might be a surprise as we passed and wow was there!

First, the cast and crew of the ship turned out all along the top decks and promenade deck with streamers and noise-makers. Then, to top it all off, when the Wonder sounded it's horn 'When you wish upon a star...' the Dream responded with the tune for 'Makes no difference where you are...' I did not have my video camera with me so I did not get it, but I know it will be on YouTube in short order.... and of course, here it is (Listen particularly to the time between 4:45 and 6:20 for the most awesome ships horn concert ever!!!):

More pictures at the bottom of this page

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      The New Disney Dream Arrives in Port Canaveral - David Bailey   01-27-2011 10:42:13 am


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