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From: Elisa Levine
Date: 12-09-2014 12:42:08 pm

Subject: 7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling


7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

By Elisa Levine

Traveling should not prevent anyone from continuing an exercise routine and staying fit. Here are seven easy ways to stay in shape while away from home:

1) Book Hotels with a Fitness Center

Most hotels these days have a fitness center, with flexible hours, but double check when you are booking your stay. This is perhaps the easiest way to keep your fitness routine going when traveling. Throw a pair of sneakers, a tee and some shorts in your suitcase and you are all set.

2) Take Advantage of Hotel Pools

Swimming is one of the best exercises for both cardio and toning. Schedule in some focused time to do laps for a super charged work-out.

3) Bring Your Favorite Work-Out Video DVD

Whether you have a DVD player on your laptop or in your hotel room, pop in an exercise video and get moving! Following along is a breeze and if the video calls for free weights, use water bottles instead.

4) Search Exercise Videos on YouTube

This is one of my favorite methods for exercise away and at home. Today, there are a plethora of free exercise videos available on the internet from a variety of trainers, which every possible desired work-out. As a result, keeping things interesting and new is easy. Many of these are only five to ten minutes long, targeting specific body parts and muscle groups, allowing for the time restrictions of a busy travel schedule.

5) Bring a Pedometer

Really pressed for time with your hectic appointment schedule or tour itinerary? Then focus on walking. Bring a pedometer and clock your walking. Instead of taxis, walk. Instead of elevators and escalators, take the stairs. If you are sightseeing, you are probably walking much more than you imagine. tracking your walking mileage will keep your spirits high knowing you are doing something to stay fit.

6) Schedule Morning Walks

If conventional exercise is not your thing, schedule one brisk walk daily. Whether in the morning or after dinner, there is probably a small block of time that you can steal away. This is also an ideal way to explore the surrounding areas when traveling and taking in the special nuances of the people and environment.

7) None of the Above? Improvise

If none of these tickle your fancy, how about good old fashioned originality in one minute increments:

- 1 minute jumping jacks

- 1 minute alternating side lunges

- 1 minute sumo squats

- 1 minute plank

- 1 minute arm circles

Then repeat several times.

Whatever your preference, remember, keeping on fit is easy and will make you feel empowered throughout your trip.

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      7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling - Elisa Levine   12-09-2014 12:42:08 pm


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