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From: Paul D Newman
Date: 10-21-2014 14:48:00 pm

Subject: Enjoy Old and New Culture on River Cruises in Italy


Enjoy Old and New Culture on River Cruises in Italy

By Paul D Newman

When it comes to the myriad attractions of river cruises, Italy certainly tops any list of favoured destinations in Europe. With a host of fascinating historical monuments and a status as a powerhouse of industry, commerce and culture, it's hard to beat.

While the country has certainly enjoyed its fair share of modern advances, it is for the ancient and revered art and culture it remains so popular. For those embarking on river cruises, Italy is a true treasure trove of discovery - from its spectacular natural delights to its priceless artistic treasures, exciting modern culture and its high profile history.

The History

There's no way you can miss the historical attractions on a river cruise that starts or ends in Venice. With so many monuments and museums, it's enough to keep you busy for days on its own. Then, as you travel through the countryside along the lovely waterways, you won't need to be a student of architecture to recognise that many of the villages, towns and cities you're seeing are incredibly old. From that, it's just a short jump to wondering who built them, when, how and why.

However, it has to be acknowledged that not everybody is naturally smitten with finding out the facts and figures of past centuries. Some visitors don't come to Italy to discover who did what to whom back in the 14th century, but to experience a more contemporary taste of the country - and there's plenty for them as well during the course of river cruises. Italy, while immersed in and attached to its proud history, is also a modern, thriving culture with its feet planted firmly in the 21st century.

Modern Mantua

Take, for example, the city of Mantua (Mantova), directly east of Venice and a favourite spot for river cruises in Italy starting in that great maritime city. There are several famous and beautiful buildings to see, including the Ducal Palace, but also a number of much more modern cultural experiences as well.

For example, Mantua has its own very popular promenade where fishermen gather and local families picnic. You can stroll or hire a bike and soak in the real atmosphere of a modern Italian town. It also has a multitude of small piazzas, many of them with vibrant bars and restaurants where you'll find some of the very best Italian cuisine. It's not hard to sit there all day and just watch the world go by.

In terms of other forms of culture, you can visit the tiny but beautiful Teatro Bibiena. The first performer here was a 13-year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! There are markets, shops, art centres and galleries, so it's quite possible to have an entirely modern-day cultural experience in Mantua without looking at one ruin or relic!

Paul Newman is the Marketing and E-Systems Executive for European Waterways, a provider of luxury, all-inclusive barge holidays. If you're looking for river cruises, Italy has some of the world's most picturesque waterways. We also offer experiences in France, Holland and the UK.

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