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From: Abhishek Gupta
Date: 10-16-2014 14:48:00 pm

Subject: Top 10 "Must See" Destinations When Visiting UK


Top 10 "Must See" Destinations When Visiting UK

By Abhishek Gupta

United Kingdom for some years has been a highly frequented tourist destination. This isn't surprising as UK possess everything to offer a soul satisfying travel experience. Given below is a short analysis of some of the places to visit that makes the entire trip special and memorable.

  1. Cambridge city - The English city has a charm which is hard to resist. It is situated along River Cam which is placed on the north side of London. Apart from the top notch Cambridge University, there are plenty of options for exploring the culture and entertainment. King's College Chapel is fine way to visually experience the Gothic architecture.

  2. Chester - The 2000 year old Chester city is lying on the River Dee at Cheshire, England. Tourists prefer the city over others across UK owing to black and white revival architecture and roman medieval walls.

  3. Cornwall - The peninsula is located in the extreme west corner of UK. Rocky cliffs overlook the calm sea on the north. The south has golden sand beaches adored by tourists.

  4. Lake District - The second biggest national park of UK has inspiring scenery in form of mountains, lakes, and hills. These appear to be nicely carved out by the ugly glacial erosions. As per some data, 14 million travelers crowd the park every year. It is great venue to try out hiking and climbing.

  5. London - The captivating city explodes with museums, art galleries, stylish green parks, shopping, and dining venues. Buckingham palace provides changing of the guard experience which isn't something to miss out. Watching the minutes passing away at the Big Ben should be memorable. A ride on the double-decker bus by the Tower Bridge through Thames River should be fine.

  6. Snowdonia - The national park offers breathtaking 360 degree views of the valleys, mountains and coast. Located on the Wales coast, Snowdonia homes the highest mountain of Wales and England.

  7. Stonehenge - It features earthworks which surround a circular stony structure of big standing stones at south western England. The site at the backdrop of tranquil hills receives the attention owing to its history which stretches nearly 5000 years.

  8. York - The walled city is placed at the meeting point of River Foss and River Ouse. It is an ancient city with rich cultural heritage. York Minster is a landmark featuring the art work of master artists. Exploring the city without transport isn't difficult at all.

  9. Stratford on Avon - The county town is a peaceful place and rumored to house the Americans of UK. It is situated in the north western part of London. The birthplace of Shakespeare, arguably the best English language writer ever has interesting venues to offer. This includes Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Bancroft gardens, Nash house, and High Street.

  10. Edinburgh - The Cobblestone Street and Edinburgh Castle are the perfect reminiscent of Scotland's capital. Old town has the Royal Mile street connecting Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. New town, dating back to 18th century is full of neoclassical architecture.

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