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From: Thom Sanders
Date: 10-27-2011 09:00:00 am

Subject: Some Highlights on Your Caribbean Cruise


By Thom Sanders

The Caribbean is among the greatest cruise destinations in the world, if you're relatively new to cruise holiday then the Eastern Caribbean is perfect. With close knitted islands brimming with spectacular scenery and a diverse cultural experience. The area also offers plenty to do, from lazing on beaches soaking up the sun, getting your adrenaline pumping from a range of watersports and getting a taste of the cuisine and nightlife. Tropical temperatures will comfortably sit at 37?during the summer; this enchanting area of the Caribbean will feel like you're your own little paradise. Here are some of the places you can visit on your Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Saint Thomasin the Virgin Islands is home to one of busiest shipping ports in the world. It offers some of the best experiences in the eastern Caribbean, with affluent shopping areas, excellent beaches, fishing and scuba diving. Your cruise will arrive in the capital of Charlotte Amelie, a spot that was once a famed haven for pirates. It also has a rich history, with the Dutch West India making the island a major post for sugar can plantations during the 17th century. Many historic buildings still remain throughout the downtown areas of the capital. Saint Thomas is extremely mountainous, offering breathtaking views around the islands beautiful coastline.

Finally we have Dominica, the greenest island in the area and relatively untouched from limited tourism compared to neighbouring islands. Dominica is one of the more active Caribbean Islands. It's a hotspot for hiking and mountaineering, rather than lazing on a beach or going shopping. The centre of the Island is still carpeted in thick tropical rainforest, a great place to view the fantastic array of birds and animals which grace the island. One of the most visited spots on the island is a trip to the Carib Indian Reserve, a 3,700 acre territory where indigenous Indian tribes still reside here as they have for centuries.

Moving on we have St.Martin, the smallest island in the word to be split by two different countries. The 33 square mile island is 60% French and 40% Dutch, although the Dutch does have a larger population. The French side, known as St. Martin is a quiet sleepy area of the Caribbean, boasting excellent bistros and restaurants. On the Dutch side, called Saint Maarten, things are a little bit livelier, highly regarded for having a good nightlife as well as being a haven for duty free shopping.

The was just three spots that could be on your cruise, look into going on a cruise today and find out which over excellent sights you can visit on the way.

This article was written by Thom Sanders on behalf of NCL Cruises who offer an amazing selection of Caribbean Cruises which are ideal for Cruise holidays

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