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From: Frank Collins
Date: 06-20-2007 02:10:01 am

Subject: Living in France


Living in France
By Frank Collins

What is France best known for? The answer would be, a lot. For one, French cuisines have been a smash for the past several years. This is also the reason why France has been named one of the most visited countries in the world. The country is famous for its food such as croissants, onion soup, stew, crepes, Croque-Monsieur, pain au chocolat, regional cheeses and many others. Each French region has its own specialties that separate them from other regions. People also visit France for its wines. Most of the wines are named after locations where wines are produced. For two, France is one of the world’s cleanest places to go to. You will definitely be amazed at how even the poorest neighborhoods of a city have very orderly and neat food shops and establishments. Cleanliness is very much a part of French people’s life. They are not only particular with the visual appearance of a place; they are also very particular with how they look. It is important to them to always look clean.

French people are very courteous and friendly. You would not have a hard time communicating with them. They can relate well with anyone and they would understand if you can’t express yourself well using their language. If you are planning to visit France, it is better if you learn their language as French people take so much pride on their mother tongue. The best way to show them respect is to speak to them in French no matter how badly you pronounce words and no matter how little your knowledge is of the language.

There are so many restaurants and hotels proliferating around France, which makes it easy for visitors to travel around. You can find low-budget ones and it should not be a problem if you only have enough budget for a week’s stay. But, of course, it is better if you bring extras because you certainly can’t get enough of the beautiful places and sceneries of France.

So many attractions are being enjoyed by tourists. France offers a variety of things to do such as skiing, which you can see in the Alps; beaches, such as Plage Port Grimaud, Plage des Graniers and Plage des Jumeaux; historical landmarks, arts, architecture, events such as the Tour de France and many others. Shopping! Who doesn’t know about France being a shopping destination? Paris, which is the capital of France, is the most visited of all the cities and in fact, one of the world’s most favorite choices for a vacation. It is best known for its Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, sparkling boulevards, shopping stores and a lot more. The Eiffel Tower is a very popular tourist attraction in France and perhaps the most famous representation of the country.

The weather is pleasant in France. The country has a temperate climate. Weather conditions vary with each region. For example, Southern Atlantic enjoys a pleasant day time temperatures from February to November, with a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. July and August are the only months where weather gets as high as 95 degrees. Because of the very nice climate, France offers more than enough recreational opportunities for outdoor buffs.

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