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Tigger is an exuberant, one-of-a-kind creature with the famously springy tail. He acts on every impulse, and his boisterous manner often leads him to leap before he looks.

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Three to Four Foot Rat Snake in Our House!


The Whole Story:
On Monday I was home alone and the house was very quiet except the AC. While sitting in front of my computer I sensed that there was something in the house near Jennifer's desk. After cursory scan of the area I turned off the AC to hear better. Eventually I gave up.

Two nights later we are sitting there watching BSG Season 2.5 and we hear something fall out of the games shelf. I turned and saw what appeared to be something that fell from higher in the shelf and was sliding out of sigh; at least that is what my brain was trying to tell me.

After a moment of looking at it I realized I was sitting face to face with the head of this rat snake about two feet away. He had seen me turn and immediately tried to ease back out of site into the lower shelf, he was just a few inches too slow.

Knowing Jennifer's extreme fear of snakes my first words were, "Jennifer, go to the bathroom!" Once she knew there was something really wrong she said she was going outside! I did not want her to see this thing at all so I told her to get in the car and she took off.

As she got out side I started giving orders to the boys, "Turn on all the lights, pull out the big blue chair, get the grabber, etc, etc!"

Once Jennifer was outside I grabbed the iPad and pulled up the camera saying, "Adam, I need a camera man!" Both boys stood in stunned silence for several moments then got to action.

This is a video of us getting the snake OUT SIDE! Lotsa fun had by all... except, of course, Jennifer!


Date taken: 2012 06 06 08:30 Wednesday

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