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A New Seat


Click to enlarge image  - A New Seat - Loft seat made of Oak and Black Walnut.
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Loft seat made of Oak and Black Walnut.
So the challenge with 4 of us living in under 800 square feet is finding a place for everything. In the 100 square foot loft the ceiling ranges from 9 feet to just over 1 foot. One bed is on the higher side and he has room to sit up and read, listen to music, write or whatever else he does up there. One had no place to sit comfortably without cranking his neck to one side or the other or slouching down real low and resting his feet against Val's bed.

This is my answer to the situation.  Not only does it give one a place to sit up straight (that is his bed to the left) the seat also looks nice with the different woods used. It features a slight curve to fit the back and is wider at the top where it is needed most.

I am pretty proud of it, can you tell?


Date taken: 2010 11 16 14:18 Tuesday

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