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Christmas Tree at our Cabin


Click to enlarge image  - Christmas Tree at our Cabin -
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In 2009, we fulfilled a dream and had our first tree that was over 7 1/2 feet tall. The total height of the tree when decorated is right at 12 feet tall. That is pretty big once you consider that we only live in 900 square feet of home, the four of us. The vaulted ceilings really lent themselves to the tree and we will do it every year.

In the future, once the earth shelter house is complete we will have a much larger tree in the grand entry way... hopefully in two Christmases.

The video is just over 4 minutes and features some of our special ornaments that come from our families history and that of Jennifer's Great Aunt Bebe and parents, Judy and Wayne Reynolds.

Ornaments of note are

- The first Christmas ornament form Dan and Donna Bailey in 1997
- Ocean themed ornaments from Jennifer's mothers tree
- Recent addition of the inside and out side of the front door from Dan and Donna (2008)
- Various Disney Cruises from 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008.
- Disney Transatlantic Cruise in 2007
- Munich Germany Christmas Market in December 2007
- Fabric and felt ornaments from Jennifer's Great Aunt Bebe
- Numerous Disney Characters
- Tobasco Bottle from Jennifer's Parent' trip to the factory
- White Alaska Bear from Jennifer's parent's cruise in 2005
- Bear fishing from a canoe from Jennifer's parent's cruise in 2005
- King Ranch Leather ornaments
- Children's sled from Munich, Germany brought back from our months stay in 2007
- Santa riding on a canoe from Jennifer's parent's cruise in 2005
- A poor view of the twinkling star in the lighthouse window above the tree


Date taken: 2009 12 19 15:09 Saturday

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