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More Pine from Ike Storm Damage!


Click to enlarge image  - More Pine from Ike Storm Damage! -
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Sargent's Ranch is the property of one of our neighbors.. 1100 acres of beautiful country side.

We went to get a large pine that probably has enough wood to finish the garage.

The usable trunk is 54 feet long and 22 inches at the bottom. I cut it into three 18 foot lengths. These pieces were all too big for my tractor to handle.

Once loaded, we had a lot of trouble getting out of the valley. The first load, we needed a bulldozer to drag the tractor and trailer out. The second time, we used a combination of chains, cables, 3 inch straps a four wheeler and both boys working hard. We pulled the whole rig by hand about 30 - 40 feet where we could get good traction again with the four wheel drive. The rest of the trip out went fine.

This is the situation from one of the logs as demonstrated by Adam and Val.


Date taken: 2008 09 28 11:25 Sunday

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