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Statue of Liberty in Paris, France


There is one in Paris, too!
It seems that many people easily forget that the Status of Liberty in New York City was a 100 year birthday gift from France.  Is was very appreciated and symbolized the bond between our two great countries at the time.

Click to enlarge image Statue of Liberty in Paris, France - There is one in Paris, too!
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A lesser known fact is that in memory of that gift of friendship, France also built a Statue of Liberty in Paris. I always enjoy looking it up and remembering the history of the two statues.

To find the Statue of Liberty in Paris, most Baton Mouche (river boat tours) do not go that far down.  They typically stop just before you can see it.  When you are at the Eiffel Tower, walk toward the river and turn left before you cross.  Walk down river for two bridges.  

There is an island that runs between these two bridges.  The statue is on the far end of the island.  You can actually walk up to this smaller version of the Statue of Liberty by crossing the second bridge onto the island and descending the wide stairway to the right.  Cross under the bridge once on the island to get to the statue.

Interestingly enough, they both face each other.

Paris, France


David Tigger Bailey


Stay in Europe Spain and France May and June 2007

Date taken: 2007 06 27 15:04 Wednesday

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Statue of Liberty in Paris and New York


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