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Home Free Vocal Band


Crazy Life Tour - 2014
On Thursday, October 9th, 2014, Tigger had the opportunity to sit next to the stage for the Home Free concert in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the Baum Walker theater in the Walton Arts Center. The evening was full of entertainment and good times!

The talents of these five men cover a range from high to BELOW LOW!! Tim Foust was declared to have one of the widest ranges in vocals on TVs The Singoff on NBC in 2013.

Adam Rupp is simply mind-blowing to hear as he brings a complete VOCAL band to the stage, not just backing up the other talents but bringing his own flavor! Included in the playlist below is a recording of a "Drum Solo" that will leave you astonished at the possibilities of the human voice. He starts with a typical drum solo then moves into a brain-frying DJ mix routine that will astound everyone in the theater!

This show is most definitely worth far more than the price of a ticket. Go to their site and find a performance near you now at their web site

Hit play on the YouTube Widget below to get a great taste for their talents:




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Home Free

Date taken: 2014 10 09

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