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From: Giovanni Balboni
Date: 11-04-2011 12:00:00 pm

Subject: Keeping the Kids Entertained in Tuscany


Keeping the Kids Entertained in Tuscany

By Giovanni Balboni

For a perfect Italian family holiday, renting villas in Tuscany is just the first step. Achieving a successful family holiday is virtually an art form; it takes a lot of patience, determination, and a willingness to bend the itinerary to appease the desire of the kids. You have set yourself up with a great start by opting for Tuscany as the holiday location, however. Family getaways to villas in Tuscany can be a wonderful experience, but at times it will be hard to know which attractions around the region are best equipped to offer the kids both an educational and a fun experience. Here's a little help to get you on your way.

Giddy Up

One of the more common recreational attractions available for children in Tuscany is horse riding. Throughout much of the countryside, and around cities such as Florence and Siena, horse riding is readily available. Generally speaking, horse riding in Italy is not as expensive as you may expect. With the additional benefit of being able to enjoy some of Tuscany's splendid landscape with the family, a horse riding adventure is a popular way to keep the kids happy. Additionally, in Florence, Pisa and Sienna there are options for a horse and carriage journey around the city. This is an activity that can be done with or without the adults, but either way it presents a memorable family experience.

Fun in the Fun Parks

For older children seeking more adrenaline stimulating gratification, families also have the choice of taking a daytrip from their villas in Tuscany to the region's largest theme park - Cavallino Matto. It is open from March to October each year. Situated amidst a pine forest and featuring four exhilarating roller coasters and three water rides, the park also offers live shows and numerous places to dine.

Not all parks in Tuscany, however, rely on technology to offer children a fun time. For a mix of entertainment and education, the Parco Presistorico Park is a recommended location. Located near Pisa, it can be easily reached by car and covers an area of 30,000 square metres. The premise of the park is that it recreates a prehistoric environment for both kids and adults to enjoy. It features a total of 20 life-size fibreglass creations of prehistoric animals; the largest of these is 12 metres tall so the kids certainly will not miss them!

A Historical Adventure

Though not typically recommended as an attraction for children, Lunigiana, near the town of Massa, is certainly an interesting place to visit. It has a network of castles and fortifications that offer a neat blend of adventure and historical education for children. It is famous for being the region with the most castles in all of Italian history. And these aren't just any old castles; each one has its own unique character that invites exploration.

While it may be tempting to stick in the vicinity of your villas in Tuscany in order to keep the family holiday exciting, and the kids motivated, it is well worth getting out and about a little in Tuscany - there is so much to discover!

Giovanni Balboni works for To Tuscany, who specialise in finding the perfect villas in Tuscany as well as selected villas in Umbria and Puglia. To Tuscany is proud of their villas and their reputation. Each property is personally selected and visited by our representatives to ensure we offer only the best in the region.

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