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From: Jack S. Blacksmith
Date: 07-30-2007 12:22:22 pm

Subject: Remembering Your Vacations Through Great Photos

Message: Remembering Your Vacations Through Great Photos
By Jack S. Blacksmith

Some view life as a collection of memories and whether or not this is true is not the purpose of this article. However, we will say that you will definitely want to save your vacation memories on film, whether by photos or video, rather than just your memory. Going back to look at pictures after a cruise can take you back to those great feelings and help you remember some of the moments you may have forgotten.

Here are some useful tips whether you are new to photography or a professional with extensive knowledge of the skills necessary to take fantastic pictures. The information provided here is not necessarily about all of the techniques of photography, but rather on the more personal side of taking pictures and capturing memories. For those of you desiring a holiday video, these tips can also be useful since the information is not focused on the technical side of photos.

First, do not go into your cruise or vacation viewing it as an extended photo session of every pose possible. Remember, it is a vacation. You will undoubtedly not forget you were present on the ship, so a collection of pictures proving your presence is not the goal. Rather, you want to take pictures to portray the atmosphere on the cruise or vacation destination. For example, instead of lining everyone against the side railing for the most “still image” shot possible, opt for unexpected snap shots. These will better capture the true atmosphere and bring back the pleasant feelings and fun times when you go back to reminisce. Even the blurred pictures you may end up with can show some of the vacation spirit and present a truer image of the fabulous time you had.

Also, do not forget to take pictures of the surroundings. So if you are visiting the south of Spain then remember to take some great pictures of Altea and Benidorm. If you are on a cruise, appreciate the fact that it is not an everyday time so be sure you have many photos to remember it. Some great shots are the ocean view, your cabin and even the crew but remember to be creative even with these shots. For these shots, though, you may want to spend a little more time finding the best lighting, angle and camera settings. What you include in the photo and the angle from which you shoot it can make a big difference in reminiscing later when looking at the photos.

Finally, don’t go overboard. No pun intended. The best camera or video equipment available may provide more guarantee of technically better photos and shots. But, you may find a regular camera, digital camera or even a disposable camera more convenient. After the vacation and in the years to come, it will not be the picture quality that you pay attention to but rather the great time you had. So, relax, enjoy the vacation and capture the memories to be shared!

Jack Blacksmith often pens detailed reports on information on Alicante and Altea. You can find his observations on Altea and Benidorm over at

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      Remembering Your Vacations Through Great Photos - Jack S. Blacksmith   07-30-2007 12:22:22 pm


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