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From: Eric J. Slarkowski
Date: 07-29-2007 18:50:27 pm

Subject: Cruise Ships and Accommodation

Message: Cruise Ships and Accommodation
By Eric J. Slarkowski

When you are looking to book a cruise it is important not to rush into anything. Usually people save up for years to afford a cruise and then they make the mistake of rushing into booking everything as soon as they have the money. This can lead to disappointment and many people end up choosing completely the wrong accommodation and that can cause them to have a miserable vacation. So choosing the right cabin for you should be your first priority and you should never rush into it!

How to Choose the Perfect Cabin

One of the main decisions which you have to make when booking a cruise is the accommodation that you will be staying in. There are various factors that most of us never think of when booking a cabin and that includes whether we will be able to hear everybody walking above us. After all, cabins which are situated under walkways will hear everyone going up and down the stairs or over the walkway all the time. If you choose to stay in a cabin that is situated on sea level however then there is the chance that you will bump into people outside of your room all day and all night long. Really it all depends upon how much money you are willing to spend as to how enjoyable your vacation will be.

Usually on cruise ships you will find that once you have selected your accommodation, there is no chance to change it after the ship has set off. So this means that you need to be certain about your accommodation right from the word go. If you have a little more money to spend then you can find a more luxurious cabin at the rear of the ship. However you generally have to have a strong stomach to be able to stay there and so if you suffer from seasickness it is not the best idea! However if you do have a strong stomach then you will find that the views over the ocean are amazing and you will really enjoy the space given to you in the cabin too.

If you would prefer to stay at the front of the ship then the bow cabins would be more your style. They can come with a balcony or veranda which you can sit out on and relax whilst enjoying the views of Costa Blanca and the Spanish coast. Obviously this will make your vacation a lot more enjoyable so again if you can afford it then it would be worth booking this type of cabin. However you will need an even stronger stomach to stay in these cabins as you are even more likely to get seasick there.

Overall if you do suffer from travel sickness then it would be worth booing a cabin which is under sea level. Also check that it is in the centre of the ship too as that will give you the best support and you will not feel the effects of water turbulence as much there. Where you have your cabin can make a huge difference to your vacation so do take the time to ensure you have chosen the right option fro you and your family.

Focusing on latest news in Spain, the reviewer writes articles for the most part for . You can find his writings on Costa Blanca at and different sources for Costa Blanca information.

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      Cruise Ships and Accommodation - Eric J. Slarkowski   07-29-2007 18:50:27 pm


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