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From: Al Falaq Arsendatama
Date: 07-29-2007 18:47:01 pm

Subject: Drinking Water while Traveling - Play Safe and Enjoy the Game

Message: Drinking Water while Traveling - Play Safe and Enjoy the Game
By Al Falaq Arsendatama

Contaminated drinking water is the most common cause of health problems during travel. Unsafe drinking water can cause gastrointestinal distresses. Water contamination will not only increase risk of minor problems such as diarrhea but also become reason for bacterial diseases. Some common bacteria found in drinking water include E.coli, cholera and salmonella. Additionally, chemical pollutants, dust particles, debris and other contaminants can cause problems.

Water is something we consume very frequently. You should take special care to avoid any health problem because of it. If you follow the following healthy travel tips, you can avoid any health problems related to water:

1. Always drink bottled water. Bottled water will not always mean safe drinking water. While purchasing bottled water, make sure it is properly sealed and there are no leaks in it. If bottle is leaking, there is a chance that bacteria have found their way into it. Purchase only popular brands, especially in foreign countries. With big brands, you are sure that they follow all procedures to decontaminate water.

2. Older people face health problem with contamination. If bottled mineral water is not available, seniors should ask for boiled water. Water when boiled for a few minutes gets almost free from chances of bacterial infection. Do not accept cold water even if the service boy says that they have boiled it. Young people can start taking local tap water in small amounts to develop antibodies.

3. In addition to bottled and boiled water, tea, coffee, canned soda and juice, beer and wine are generally safe methods to maintain your water balance without exposing you to the risk of contaminated water.

4. Kids are more prone to water contaminations. Ask the kids to brush their teeth with safe water, as brushing with contaminated water will have the same effect as drinking it outright. Never allow the kids to brush their teeth in the shower. Use bottled water for rinsing the mouth, as kids can often gulp water during rinsing.

5. You should also avoid using ice because freezing of water does not kill bacteria.

6. Use personal water treatment devices. Many products in market like steri-pen will enable you to disinfect water quickly and discreetly in any restaurant or hotel while traveling. It uses ultraviolet light to disinfect, and is portable, so you can take it anywhere.

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      Drinking Water while Traveling - Play Safe and Enjoy the Game - Al Falaq Arsendatama   07-29-2007 18:47:01 pm


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