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From: Alison Meacham
Date: 07-25-2007 19:48:17 pm

Subject: Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando - Seven Secrets You Never Knew

Message: Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando - Seven Secrets You Never Knew
By Alison Meacham

Walt Disney had a dream to create the perfect Disney World. Disney had already built Disneyland in California but wanted to learn from his experiences and create the perfect environment. A true World of Disney. Sadly, Walt Disney never saw his vision come true. Construction began in 1967 the year after Walt died.

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world with over 16 million guests in 2006. It is now just a part of the huge area of Disney theme parks, water parks, shopping, Disney resorts and entertainment which we know as Walt Disney World. Here are some fun Magic Kingdom secrets!

1.Magic Kingdom park opened on October 1st 1971. It was the first park to open in Walt Disney World.

2.It borrows the concept of it's design from Disneyland California. Visitors enter the park on Main Street. Cinderella's Castle dominates the view. When you walk down Main Street you have no idea that the buildings are not full size. Disney uses a technique of forced perception to create the illusion. Guests are unaware that the second and third stories of the buildings on Main Street are not full size. The 189 feet tall Cinderella's Castle looks much taller because of the design of the buildings on Main Street and also the design of the castle itself.

3. Disney actually wanted to have reduced crowds on opening day in 1971. Having learned from the difficulties of the opening day of Disneyland, they wanted to be able to correct any operating difficulties and last minute problems before the mass of guests started arriving. This is why they chose a date in October to open Magic Kingdom. Even the official Magic Kingdom opening ceremony and media events were delayed until later in October so that everything could be as perfect as possible.

4. Under the Magic Kingdom there is a massive network of underground tunnels and corridors known as Utilidors. The story goes that Walt Disney was upset when he saw a Frontierland Cowboy walking through Tomorrowland at Disneyland. He wanted the perfect Disney World park without guests ever knowing how the park operated. So the Utilidors were incorporated into the design of the Magic Kingdom to allow all the behind the scenes functions to continue without the Disney theme park guests ever knowing how it was done.

5. When the Magic Kingdom park opened, two Disney resort hotels also had their debut. They were Disney's Contemporary Resort and Disney's Polynesian Resort. Guests were amazed that the Disney World monorail actually runs through the Contemporary Resort lobby.

6. The Magic Kingdom ticket price on opening day was $4.95. The price of a one day Magic Kingdom ticket today is $67.

7. It is almost impossible to get a table at Cinderella's Royal table which is the restaurant located in Cinerella's Castle. Advance Dining Reservations open up 180 days ahead and sell out within minutes.

Disney's Magic Kingdom contain many secrets both past and present - enjoy exploring the most magical place on earth.

Alison Meacham is the author of the Disney Vacation Money Savings Guide. She owns luxury Florida vacation rental homes within 5 minutes of Disney. You can view her resort villas at

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Disney Travel -    07-09-2007 14:27:11 pm
      Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando - Seven Secrets You Never Knew - Alison Meacham   07-25-2007 19:48:17 pm


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