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From: Christopher E Gregory
Date: 01-16-2015 13:16:39 pm

Subject: Traveling Is Valuable at Any Age, But Don't Pass It Up When You're Young!


Traveling Is Valuable at Any Age, But Don't Pass It Up When You're Young!

By Christopher E Gregory

I DIDN'T DO MUCH TRAVELING when I was young, unless you count my military assignments, and let's just say that wasn't as rewarding as... well, as just about anything. But in retirement, my wife and I decided to take a cruise, and what a surprise for us! Previously we felt that a cruise would be boring, stuck on a big boat with pampered elites, with nothing to do, and we asked ourselves, "How could that be fun?" Well, we were wrong. It turned out to be enjoyable, educational, and one of the most memorable of our experiences. I thought, we could have been doing that all along, it was great to travel as a retired couple, but we certainly would have benefited if we'd started while younger!

My Sister the Traveler

There are a number of ways to travel while young, but I'll cite one example here. While I was young, in the Marine Corps, my sister traveled with a couple of friends. They flew to Europe and backpacked around the continent. They were able to visit London and see the queen, gaze over Paris from the Eiffel Tower, and they enjoyed the countryside by day and stayed at hostels by night. That was one of her most foundational experiences and it helped to form her character and knowledge based.

Be a People Person

She gained valuable experiences by relating to people who were different from her... very different. We grew up in a small farming community, and went to college nearby. Our experiences were limited. By traveling, she developed a type of relationship base with people - a variety of people with much to offer. Also, today, whenever she meets someone, she has a store of knowledge to share with them. People enjoy being around her. She has many experiences to share, and through those travels, she's learned to listen to people. She used to be an introvert, but now she's a people person.

Become Knowledgeable

My sister views her travel as preparation for the classroom. She obtained a great wealth of knowledge from her travels. That was both beneficial for her and the thousands of students whom she's taught in public high school over the past forty years.

Enjoy Life

In short, each of us should enjoy the time we have on this beautiful, big, blue orb. We never know how long we'll be here, so enjoy life by planning and responsibly starting your travel adventures while you're young.

The author has written two historical, World War II, non-fiction books under the pen name Chris Gregory. Buckshot Pie is available in hardcover or paperback at Amazon. Also Dismounted Liberty, of the creative non-fiction genre, is available in Kindle Edition on Amazon, both at

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Best wishes for 2015!

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      Traveling Is Valuable at Any Age, But Don't Pass It Up When You're Young! - Christopher E Gregory   01-16-2015 13:16:39 pm


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