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From: Lukas Johannes
Date: 01-20-2015 13:16:39 pm

Subject: 3 Fascinating Places to Visit While in Salzburg


3 Fascinating Places to Visit While in Salzburg

By Lukas Johannes

Quick and convenient Salzburg airport transfers are the best way to get from the airport to your chosen accommodation in the city. Once there you can get settled and then head out to see some of the local attractions.

We have a real mix of suggestions for you here, any one of which could turn into your first destination when visiting the city. See if any of these pique your interest!


The inclusion of the 'galerie' part of that word may cause you to speculate on whether this is an art gallery. You would be correct, and it is arguably one of the most interesting ones to visit in the city. If your Salzburg airport transfers service takes you near the Alte Residenz you won't be far from where the gallery is situated. Look out for artwork by none other than Rembrandt while you explore this art gallery. Many local artists are represented here from a period stretching from the 16th century right through to the 19th.

The Marionette Theatre

Many people think about taking in a show during their time in a foreign city, and you'll have an opportunity to see a show unlike any other if you can get tickets for a performance at the Salzburg Marionette Theatre. Running for a century now, the shows are nothing short of extremely professional. They are quite fascinating and some of the stories brought to life are famous tales, such as Peter and the Wolf. Keep an eye out for schedules and tickets, as these shows are exceptionally enjoyable.

The Zoo

Regardless of whether you catch a glimpse of the city zoo as you pass by in your Salzburg airport transfers, you should take a day to see it up close. The zoo plays host to 140 different species of animals in its stunning setting at the foot of the famous Hellbrunner Mountain. As such, you can expect to get a good workout as you wander through the different areas during the day. There are animals from many different parts of the world, meaning there are some you may never have encountered before.

As you can see you'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy some great attractions during your time in the city after settling in from your Salzburg airport transfers. While you will certainly want to see some of the older, more iconic attractions, take the time to enjoy the above-mentioned ones as well - they provide a good contrast and can reveal much about the city.

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            3 Fascinating Places to Visit While in Salzburg - Lukas Johannes   01-20-2015 13:16:39 pm


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