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From: Paul D Newman
Date: 12-15-2014 10:26:52 am

Subject: Travelling With Children on a Barge Cruise in France


Travelling With Children on a Barge Cruise in France

By Paul D Newman

Children are wonderful travelling companions, but they can be incredibly paradoxical at times, and that can make going on holiday with them a challenge. For example, they have the most adventurous spirits, but they can also be the most resistant to change; they can get excited at eating the strangest foods imaginable, but can also be the most picky diners; they are irrepressible bundles of energy one minute-zipping along at speeds impossible to keep up with-and then just drop like stones once they run out of gas. Fortunately, if you're searching for the ideal holiday that will please both the children and adults in the family, there's an answer: a barge cruise in France!

Cruising the waterways of the French countryside is one of the best ways to travel with children. If you're dying to explore Burgundy and the Loire Valley, for example, a trip on a luxury barge can make for the most wonderful memory in a child's life - and yours as well.

Fuel the Imagination

As soon as you and your family begin your barge cruise in France, even before you visit any of the many exciting and interesting attractions in your itinerary, your child's imagination will be piqued. As you set off, cruising across the River Loire on Eiffel's Aqueduct to Briare it may evoke images of sea adventures, of pirates roaming the high seas, naval heroes on warships, or explorers off to discover distant lands. Then, each new day brings a change of landscape, affording young travellers a different setting for their adventures, including peaceful woodlands, medieval villages, ancient castles and verdant vineyards.

Every Day Is a New Adventure

Every parent knows that boredom is the greatest enemy of a peaceful family holiday. Bored children are cranky, whiny, and often out to make trouble! Fortunately, on a luxury barge cruise in France, your children's hours will be filled with exciting and fun-filled activities like bicycle rides in Paris, kayaking near Chatillon sur Loire, lake swimming in Rogny, and plenty more. Children usually find Montbouy, in particular, especially exciting; they can visit the animal farm Parc Animalier de L'Emprunt, try go-karting at Planete Karting, or go horseback riding astride palominos. When the vessel reaches Montargis, playing in the sand or taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage are both perfect ways to entertain younger members of the family.

A Painless Way to Imbibe French History and Culture

Learning about history and culture is important, but let's face it, there's nothing children hate more than a dry history lecture! On a barge cruise in France, however, French history truly comes alive for young people as you visit places that are not only gorgeous examples of architecture, but also served as the settings for important moments in history. Just a few examples include Chateau Sully sur Loire, the castle where Georges de la Tr?mo?lle imprisoned Joan of Arc; the medieval town of Chateau Landon, which is said to have been captured by Caesar in 52 BC; and Ch?teau de Fontainebleau, the former residence of Napoleon I. Children will also be exposed to local products, customs, and cuisine (while adults enjoy its wines), giving them a well-rounded overview of a destination very different to their own home.

Paul Newman is the Marketing and E-Systems Executive for European Waterways. We can provide you with a luxury, all-inclusive barge cruise in France to enjoy the sights of the country's most picturesque waterways. Cruises are also offered in Holland, Italy and the UK.

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