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From: Jade Martin
Date: 12-04-2014 08:56:25 am

Subject: Baguio's Haunted Diplomat Hotel and Its Dark Past


Baguio's Haunted Diplomat Hotel and Its Dark Past

By Jade Martin

The former Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines sits on top of the Dominican Hill. It used to be a rest house and a seminary way back 1911 before it was developed into a school and eventually, a hotel. Almost every tourist that goes to Baguio makes it a point to visit this place because in spite of the ruins, it remained as one of the most panoramic and picturesque spots in the City of Pines.

During the World War II, numerous nuns and priests were beheaded here. This is believed to be the reason why headless apparitions can often be seen during the night inside the hotel. The employees and guests also claimed that they would often hear strange sounds coming from the building. Crying coming from kids and babies became a common noise, which can be attributed to the massacre of numerous children done at the fountain.

The bombs that showered this structure so many years ago reduced it to something almost beyond renewal. Fortunately, it was reconstructed in 1947 and in 1973, it was acquired and transformed into a hotel by Diplomat Hotels, Inc. Managing it then is businessman, psychic surgeon and spiritual healer Tony Agpaoa. Since then, it became the haven of his patients that mostly came from abroad and they stayed here while being healed.

Based on research, there was an incident wherein fire broke out many years ago and several guests who were then staying at the hotel were trapped inside and died. One of the caretakers also affirmed that for unknown reasons, a woman who used to work here as a nurse committed suicide by jumping from the rooftop where the cross is situated.

Since the death of Tony Agpaoa in 1987, the hotel ceased its operation and was temporarily closed to the public. It was declared off limits to visitors as well. However, the people who are living nearby were often disturbed by sounds coming from the Dominican Hill at night. They would hear banging of doors and windows, clattering of dishes and voices of screaming people, who seem to be agonizing. Note: Tony Agpaoa had a heart attack inside the hotel and was rushed to a hospital where he died.

A lot of documentaries have been written about this mysterious structure. Up to these days, many curious people go to Baguio to see the ruins of what used to be the spellbinding grand hotel that boasts of its large rooms, striking details and admirable design. I, myself, have very special memories of Baguio's Diplomat Hotel that I can ardently share to those who will join us when we explore this place once more. Considered as one of the most haunted locations in the Philippines, I would always want to see this wonderful site again and again.

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