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From: Paramita Chowdhury
Date: 11-24-2014 14:09:05 pm

Subject: Aspects That Make Solo Travel Unique And Special


Aspects That Make Solo Travel Unique And Special

By Paramita Chowdhury

Most people find it dreadful, to even imagine traveling solo, mostly because of the fear of feeling lonely. This is the prime reason for which most of them plan vacations and trips with families, friends or groups with common interests. Traveling solo has its own set of risks, but leaving them apart, there are various positive aspects that make single travel truly unique and special at the same time.

When it comes to comparing the advantages and risks of traveling solo, then the former will surely win over the latter. Starting from the joy of traveling off the track to getting an opportunity to relish the real flavours of freedom in a new way; solo travel gives a new meaning to exploration. The following are some of the major aspects that make single travel truly unique and special.

• Exploring the Hidden Aspects of Individuality

Traveling solo opens up the barriers of expression. A person spends time with the inner self. This helps in exploring the hidden aspects of individuality that often stay concealed due to the day-to-day goals and responsibilities. Solo travel is a way to escape in a world where there are no responsibilities, workloads or negativity of daily life. Thus, it helps one to become familiar with the inner thoughts and feelings which give an entirely different meaning to traveling.

• Speaking to Strangers and Making New Friends

Solo travel is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Interacting with people becomes a daunting task when one travels in a group because the priorities stay confined. Whereas, traveling solo provides the traveller with an opportunity to interact freely with the locals and natives. This helps one to gain a complete idea about the cultures and customs of the place.

• Escape to Peace and Freedom

Traveling single does not need any necessary bindings of time and other goals. One gets an opportunity to set own goals and priorities without the fear of time management. This is not at all possible with group travels where there are multiple opinions and preferences prevail.

• Challenging the Fears and Overcoming the Insecurities

Solo travel helps a person to challenge all the fears and overcome all the insecurities that work as hurdles all throughout life. While traveling solo a person takes decisions based on the individual preferences and planning. Thus, it helps one to become confident, as well.

Apart from these advantages, traveling solo helps a traveller to save a significant amount of money, and it also provides an opportunity to experience new things.

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      Aspects That Make Solo Travel Unique And Special - Paramita Chowdhury   11-24-2014 14:09:05 pm


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