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From: Glen Wheaton
Date: 12-01-2014 14:09:05 pm

Subject: Disney's Space Mountain, and the Story Behind It


Disney's Space Mountain, and the Story Behind It

By Glen Wheaton

When Walt Disney was developing its Orlando-based theme park, one of the goals was to have an industrial complex that would provide a showcase of industry at work. The company was actually ahead of its time in partnering with large corporations, with companies investing money and know-how to get the exposure at Walt Disney World. We see today the stadiums and arenas that all have corporate names attached to them, and you can't watch a ballgame without it being presented with some brand name. If you go to spaceship Earth at Epcot you'll see that it's presented by Siemens.

In the 1960s RCA was in the computer business and the Disney Corporation was determined to partner with them. At that time Walt Disney had an idea for a roller coaster-style ride, but in the dark. Computer technology when they were putting this concept together in the mid-1960s was not sophisticated enough to run a ride safely in the dark, which presented a major problem. But Space Mountain was clearly a great idea, and the Disney people thought it would be a concept to partner with RCA.

It points to the perseverance of the Disney Company, but after years their deal with RCA was finally concluded, and in early 1975 Space Mountain finally opened. Walt Disney's goal of a rocket flight in the dark was the first all-computer design of the Disney roller coaster and it's thought that more than 250 million people have experienced it over the years. Its design of giving the sense of the mystery of outer space and the thrill of the unknown is enhanced by the speed and the controlled lighting, with projected moving images during the ride.

And what did RCA get out of all of this? When building Space Mountain in Orlando they had to enlarge the entire structure to create an RCA story before and after the trip through space. So-called spaceports were developed along the long entry walkways, and this allowed guests to view space and see the RCA-developed communications satellites of the 1970s at work. On the way out of the ride visitors will be on a moving ramp that reveals a home of the future, and this again is filled with RCA products. With the before and after RCA presentation coupled with the thrill of the ride itself, this has become one of the most popular attractions in all of Disney World.

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      Disney's Space Mountain, and the Story Behind It - Glen Wheaton   12-01-2014 14:09:05 pm


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