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From: Joe Sabatucci
Date: 10-23-2014 14:26:20 pm

Subject: How To Get Paid To Go On Vacation


How To Get Paid To Go On Vacation

By Joe Sabatucci

Recently I became aware of a way to get extra cash back every time I book a hotel, rent a car or shop at my favorite online sites. Getting cash rewards is nothing new, many credit card companies give about 1.5% back just for using the card. However there are shopping portals which offer significantly more cash in your pocket, and you don't have to change your buying habits.

There are over 4000 merchants in these portal sites, including industry stalwarts like Priceline, Hertz, Walmart, Macy's and even Apple. Merchants pay fees to the cash back portal sites to drive business to their stores. The sites then share that cash with its members. It's no different from the principal of store coupons. Think about cash back portals as shopping with a coupon even when no coupon is available.

I recently booked a hotel for my vacation like I always do using, and am getting 11.8% cash back on my total price. The important thing to remember here, is that I did not have to change any of my booking habits. I booked the hotel I was going to anyway, at the website I was going to use anyway, for the price I was going to pay anyway. Now for the first time and subsequently every time here after I'm getting spending cash back.

To be successful, cash back companies must effectively address several hurdles. Many of these business can fail for one of three reasons:

1. Not enough cash back

2. Have to use specific fly by night companies.

3. Users forget to log in to their membership account.

If the business model is sound, the portal can give back more than the standard cash back vs. many credit card companies. As I mentioned before I've received 11.8% cash back for hotel bookings.

You must not be forced to use little known companies like "Buffalo Bob's Corner Travel Agency". The portal's network should include the huge corporations you are already using like Priceline, Expedia and HotWire in addition to department stores at like Macy's and Target. Customers like to stick with their favorite sites and don't want to change their purchasing habits.

A really cool feature to implement is a browser tool integrated with Google searches. Let's say you forget to sign into your account. If you go to Google and search "Hotels in Cancun" or "Samsung TVs". The merchants that are a part of the cash back portal's network like Priceline and Best Buy display the discounts from these vendors in the search results page. You can quickly scan the page and see the best deals.

Alternatively, let's say you are already regularly booking at or Expedia. When you go directly to the booking website, a panel should appear at the top of the page saying "As a member, you are entitled up to 11% cash back". This brilliant browser tool concept is what can really separate a winner from the rest. You may forget about your membership, but your membership doesn't forget you.

As an aside note, I recently needed to purchase accessories for my Apple laptop. I ordered the items online, then went down to the Apple store to pick them up. Of course I could have had my items delivered. Once again, I bought the items I would have bought anyway, at the store I was going to anyway for the price I was going to pay anyway. Except that I am getting 7% cash back on my purchases. If you are an Apple user, you know that Apple does not give discounts to individuals or has Christmas specials. As a cash back member however, I can get a discount each time I shop the Apple store. Imagine how significant that 7% will be when I upgrade to a new $2500 MacBook pro.

If you have any existing coupons or are getting a special vacation package when booking online, you still get cash back in addition to what the merchant offers. That's because the transaction is independent of your booking. You book your hotel or vacation package like you always do and pay the price minus the discounts just like you are already doing. Then the shopping portal will pay you additional cash back on the balance.

You would not get the additional discount off right away. As long as you do not cancel your trip, you will be pleasantly surprised to see cash in your account after enjoying your vacation. This may take the form of a prepaid card on which they will deposit your cash, or set up direct deposit to your bank account.

I have found a company which addresses the concerns in this article and have created a video demonstrating step by step how use it to find the best booking deals. There are also instructions on how to open a free account. You can access this video here:

Watch The Video Demo

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      How To Get Paid To Go On Vacation - Joe Sabatucci   10-23-2014 14:26:20 pm


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