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From: T Klein
Date: 08-15-2011 02:00:00 am

Subject: Cheap Hotels in Rome: Hotels in Rome Are Cheaper in August


By T Klein

Although accommodation in Rome can be found for 12,- Euro the night you will have to get along with another 12 people in the same room. For sure you can easily imagine the likelihood that only one of these fellow travelers is snoring or waking you up while entering the room totally drunk at 5am in the morning. From my own experience there is a good reason to believe that this lowest level of hostel is not everyone's cup of tea. Typically you start looking into bed and breakfast accommodation or cheap hotels near the city centre in order to avoid the noise and gain some privacy.

Having said that its sometimes taught to find a vacant room in Rome for that kind of price and on top of that a good, clean well serviced b&b or even cheap hotel, if you start looking into it early enough there are certainly options. There is a multitude of websites out there on the internet that have listed budget hotels, pensione, b&b's, apartments and guest houses but the sites that we recommend have been looking for the best budget places in "bella Roma" since 2004.

Rome is a place of myth, story, history and Fellini. Rome is a beautiful city where you would have plenty of great times. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it's possible to get an overview of the city in one go. Rome is indeed a beautiful city worth visiting and what's most important that if you have the right shoes on you can do pretty much all the major sights on foot. That is a gigantic advantage over bigger cities like Paris or New York, as the Metro is not running that frequently either. There are only two metro lines in Rome, A and B. Why? Well, we will tell you later in one of our following articles. Only so much for now, it has to do with all these monuments in the ground.

Rome is epic, it shows life as it was about 2000 years ago and the fun part of it is that you do not even need to go inside a museum most of the time as ancient monuments are scattered all around the city centre. Rome is the capital as well as political, economic, cultural and traffic centers of Italy.

Rome may not be Naples, but the adjective non-Roman Italians reflexively associate with it is chaotic. As mentioned in many tourist and travel guides, Rome has a reputation of being very expensive when it comes to accommodation. The city centre however has made a great impression in the minds of tourists as a tourist destination and because of that more travellers are coming almost each year. Rome was built to amaze the tourists and to get them viewing its ancient past and ruins. But for sure beyond its monuments Roma is certainly much more than just a forum for ruins.

Rome is usually filled with sunny days the entire year, but it can get very hot in the summer months, July and August. Half of the city usually closes down then as breathing can easily become a pain in the steaming city centre. All roman's escape to the beach and guess what it is actually then, in August and the end of July when hotels become so cheap again. So if you are used to the heat, there is a big bargain right there in August. Rates can go down by 100%. So a 4 star hotel room for example might only cost 70,- Euro instead of 125,-. Most hotel staff members are even more welcoming and friendly at that time as you might have half of the hotel lounge just yourself.

Currently you may find that hotels in Rome are still moderate in price compared to spring Easter holiday time. You will also find the one or the other weekend deal, ideal when you only have a one day off work and want to jet down to Rome from one of the London or European airports using one of the cheap flight tickets still available at this time in the year. I hope we could make you aware that finding one of the good value cheap hotels in Rome could mean staying in a b&b or guest house or simply a welcoming family run small property.

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