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From: B H Yao
Date: 11-01-2011 09:00:00 am

Subject: Disney Cruises: A Cruise Unlike Any Other


By B H Yao

Who ever said that the Disney experience can't be taken to greater heights was wrong. In agreement with the Premier Cruise Lines, Disney has already been involved with the cruising industry. In 1998, they went into venture with their own ships. At present, they have three sister ships cruising the seas. Though their appearances would remind us of the ships of old, the interior of these ships are still up-to-date, offering the latest amenities and high-tech equipment.

These Disney Cruise ships are family friendly. In each of them is an elaborate Walt Disney theater that almost looks like a very stylish Broadway house. Also inside is a Buena Vista Cinema that features Disney Corporation flicks. The Studio Sea is like television sound stages where the family can enjoy G-rated floor shows. An online blog even mentioned that if most recreation parks focus on entertaining the kids, in the Disney Cruise line, both kids and adults are given enough attention.


Walt Disney Parks and Resorts operate this American Cruise line which is named the Disney Cruise line. It is a division of the Walt Disney Company that is based in Celebration, Florida. Run by Disney President, Karl Holz, two of the sister ships are based in the Disney Cruise line terminal. These two are the Disney Dream and the Disney Magic. The third ship, the Disney Wonder operates in Los Angeles.


  • During the 1980s, Disney had an agreement with Premier Cruise line to handle the cruising part of the Walt Disney tour package.

  • Disney Magic started operating in July 30, 1998 while Disney Wonder began in August 15, 1999. These two ships are of different designs.

  • These cruise ships both have 900 staterooms. They travel to Alaska, the Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe and the Mexican Riviera.

  • In 2007, two more ships were commissioned to set sail under the Disney banner. In 2011, the Disney Dream started operating.


  • The fourth Disney ship is the Disney Fantasy which is set to sail in 2011. These ships are directed towards the expansion of Disney's cruising business. The company commissioned to build the two new ships is Meyer Werft shipyard. They are based in Papenberg, Germany. The two 128,000 ton ships are designed to be two decks taller than the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic.

  • The Port Canaveral has already been contracted for 15 more years. The two new ships are planned to depart Port Canaveral at least up to 2014.

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      Disney Cruises: A Cruise Unlike Any Other - B H Yao   11-01-2011 09:00:00 am


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