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From: Martin Haworth
Date: 06-15-2007 18:20:43 pm

Subject: Delights of Cruising Vacations

Message: Delights of Cruising Vacations
By Martin Haworth

Well apart from the blindingly obvious, here are a few more ideas that you might not have thought of.

Did you realize?

- Not only are all the meals free, you get some of the world's best cuisine to sample - the ultimate 'all-inclusive'! In fact you'll find it hard to resist all those culinary concoctions! From East to West and all stops in between, you will have the opportunity to delight in what the very best chefs have to offer up. Can you save yourself - well, maybe, but only after you get home!

- Dining doesn't usually require a tux anymore, (though you get to glam up if you want to!). Most ships offer choices of dress in at least a selection of the restaurants on offer. In fact, depending on the cruise line you use, there might even be no chance at all to try to squeeze into that fabulous black jacket that fit perfectly just a few years ago (remember Steve Martin in 'Father of the Bride'!).

- The food is almost on tap, 24-hours a day, even as room service. From breakfast to mid-morning snack; through lunch, ever so quaint tea; dinner and supper, it's possible you might still fancy a snack as well at 2am in the morning. Well, no fear, you can! Oh and if that's still a problem, you can always ask in between meals and there will be no refusals!

- Often the biggest of all concerns for cruisers, especially on their first trip, tipping, has been removed from the ships as an 'issue'. You can get 'all-in' prices on some cruise lines to ensure that every dollar you spend is ultra-indulgently, just for you!

- Pretty usually, the cruises are geared up so that you get almost all of your daytime at leisure, to visit the most wonderful of destinations, many with exclusive excursions. So, a lot of the fun can be off the ship. Don't miss out on these - often they will be just as, if not more memorable than the cruise you are on - and that is saying something!

- The most amazing range of leisure activities are available. It is not just 'quiots' these days! From rock-climbing to culture; watersports to specialist courses and seminars by some of the world's leading experts.

- Want to see fabulous shows like on Broadway, Las Vegas and the West End? You can and will. In fact cruise lines are one of the biggest opportunities for top stars. So, you will not be disappointed. And if that's not quite your scene, most cruise lines have a wide variety of opportunities for evening entertainment.

- Need your fix of 'www' or need to keep in contact with your business? Many ships have internet access for you, often from your cabin through wi-fi. On others, special internet cafes are available in neatly designed areas to make you feel like you are at home. So there's no reason not to keep in touch. And with technology as it is right now, there are all the opportunities for friends and family maybe even to share your fun onboard through photos and video through the computers available.

- Shopping - did you say shopping? Both on-board and on-shore, you have as wide a range of fantastic value shopping opportunities. This really is the time to relax your wallet. Often the things you find will be unique to your cruise line. Maybe it's about souvenirs. Perhaps a line in exclusive jewellery. Or fashion designs you just haven't seen before. On land local traditional products can be found if you get past the stalls selling the usual tourist trap merchandise.

And finally, the key that brings so many back to their cruise idyll. Think too, of the fresh air of the sea, the memorable views, the comfort and luxury. Cruise lines have it all - you, can have it all!

© 2007 "Hawaiian-Cruises-Online". You can have vacation of your dreams. Everything you've ever wanted - beautiful ships; wonderful food and destinations like you wouldn't believe! And did I mention the weather? Look no further - all the Hawaiian Cruising information you'll ever need, in the 50+ pages that's totally free at Martin Haworth's website, Hawaiian Cruises Online.

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      Delights of Cruising Vacations - Martin Haworth   06-15-2007 18:20:43 pm


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