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From: Howard Farmer
Date: 06-21-2007 05:55:20 am

Subject: Restaurants in France


Restaurants in France
By Howard Farmer

Whether you are looking for French hotels, thinking of buying a holiday home or even renting a watermill for the week it is always a good idea to check out the local restaurants. And it seems that France is certainly not lacking in decent places to get some grub after it was revealed that the country has yet again won awards for the world's best restaurants, taking 12 of the top 50 venues.

The UK on the other hand had seven restaurants in the top 50 while eight were in the US.

Fine French food

More than 20 judges had selected the winners of the prestigious awards which were announced at London's Science Museum this week.

Paris' Pierre Gagnaire restaurant was named best in France while the romantic city also appeared to be the best place for food enthusiasts, with nine restaurants in the top 50.

Joe Warwick, editor of Restaurant Magazine which organises the awards, said: "There's a consensus among people who know about restaurants that France is definitely the strongest country and probably deserves to be top of the list."

Eating in or out in France

Whether you decided to head to an expensive restaurant or choose to eat in the comfort of your own home, when it comes to mealtimes there are certain differences between the French and the Brits.

The French tend to eat a smaller breakfast than their English counterparts and tend to have dinner a little later.

They are also big fans of bottled water despite tap water usually being fine to drink and although France is a wine-growing country, local people rarely drink it all the time.

All regions of Francehave a version of their own special dish, cheese and wine, making every place you visit that little more exciting.

Howard Farmer

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